MLM Direct Selling Website Full Lists of Functions :

+ New user account Registration + Login.
+ Allow upline register new downline under himself.
+ Allow upline register new downline under his downline. Eg, if Mr.A found Mr.B, but Mr.A want to let Mr.C earn money from Mr.B, so Mr.A put Mr.B under Mr.C. So now Mr.C can earn Leadership Bonus from Mr.B, and Mr.A can only earn Direct Sponsor Bonus from Mr.B.
+ Allow admin add / edit / delete products.
+ Allow admin add / edit / delete bundle package from product lists.
+ Allow admin set package allow / disallow resell to new downlines by pins.
+ Allow admin set package able / enable to upgrade rank to 2-Star when the user purchase this package.
+ Auto deduct Available Quantity of product when product / package is sold. Eg, Product A and B has 100 Available Units. Package E has 5 units of Product A and 5 units of Product B.  So if 1 unit of Package E is sold, then Available Quantity of Product A and B will become 95.
+ Allow user buy products / packages by cash wallet.
+ 10 x Pin Numbers is given to the user if the user purchase the “allow resell by pin” package which has 10 products.
+ If the user doesn’t has any product yet, he will only get 9 x Pin Numbers when he purchase the “allow resell by pin” package which has 10 products, because user only allow resell products when the user own at least a product.
+ User buy product / package get PV point. Eg, USD100 product = 80PV.
+ There are 5 bonuses payout to upline when downline purchase new product / package. Bonuses are calculate base on PV point, not base on Product Price because price in many difference currencies USD / RM / China Yen daily currency rate are difference so might affact on DSB calculation, so DSB calculation is better base on product PV Point instead of product price).
+ Upline get Direct Sponsor Bonus when his direct downline purchase product / package (DSB calculation base on product PV point).
+ Direct Sponsor Bonus is paid up to 5 levels of uplines. Eg, level 1 upline get 5%, level 2 upline get 3%, level 3 upline get 2%, level 4 upline get 1%.
+ Upline get Leadership Bonus when his downline purchase new product / package. (LB calculation base on product PV point).
+ Leadership Bonus is based on user’s rank. Eg, rank 1-star earn 5%, rank 2-stars earn 8%, rank 3-stars earn 12%, rank 4-stars earn 15%, rank 5-stars earn 20%.
+ Upline can get Leadership Bonus from unlimited levels of downlines as long as none of user’s rank is greater or equal to the upline’s rank.
+ Upline get Breakaway Bonus from downline’s income. Eg, if downline earn USD10 DSB, so upline earn 3% of Breakaway Bonus which is USD3.
+ Breakaway Bonus is base on Placement, not base on Sponsor. (Mr.A found Mr.B, but Mr.A put Mr.B under Mr.C. So Mr.A is Sponsor. and Mr.C is Placement).
+ Breakaway Bonus is based on user rank. Eg, rank 1-star earn 5% Breakaway Bonus. Rank 2-stars earn 8%, Rank 3-stars earn 12%, Rank 5 stars earn 15%, rank 5-stars earn 20% Breakaway Bonus.
+ Upline get Marketing Bonus when downline purchase a new package. Eg, downline deposit USD1000 to purchase a new package. Exchange rate convert RM to USD is 4.5 rate for deposit, and 4.0 rate for Withdrawal, so 4.5 rate – 4.0 rate = RM0.5, then RM0.5 is payout for Marketing Bonus.
+ Marketing Bonus is based on user rank. Eg,  rank 2-stars earn rm0.1, rank 3-stars earn rm0.1, rank 4-stars earn rm0.1, rank 5-stars earn rm0.1, rank 6-stars earn extra rm0.1.
+ Upline with rank 6-stars earn Global Bonus which is company total sales profit divided by total numbers of 6-stars users. Eg, company total sale profit is usd100,000. There are 20 users are 6-stars rank. So usd100,000 / 20 = usd5000 Global Bonus for each of the user who are rank 6-stars.
+ All bonuses except Marketing Bonus are separately credit 70% into Cash Wallet, 20% into eco wallet, 10% into exchange wallet.
+ User can withdraw money from Cash Wallet.
+ User can purchase product by Cash Wallet.
+ If the user want to  withdraw the credit in Eco Wallet, then he need to find a new downline, then he use Eco Wallet to buy product for his new downline. Process steps : new downline deposit 100% money to company or to his upline. Then his upline login account to buy product with upload payment proof / receipt of 100%. Then select pay 50% by Eco Wallet. Eg, product price usd1000, paid 50% by Eco Wallet is usd500. So when company admin see the new product order is paid 50% by Eco wallet. So company will credit usd500 to the upline’s cash wallet. So upline can withdraw the money from Cash Wallet.
+ The credit in Exchange Wallet is for future usage, plan to allow user buy company share in future by using the credit in Exchange Wallet when company is success listing share.
+ Allow user check downlines details from network tree.
+ Allow user check balance and transaction report of Cash Wallet, Eco Wallet, Exchange Wallet, Coin Wallet.
+ Allow user check transaction report of  All Bonus, Direct Sponsor Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Breakaway Bonus, Global Bonus, Marketing Bonus.
+ Allow user edit profile info.
+ Allow Admin check / reject / approve withdraw request.
+ Allow Admin edit / deactivate / activate users’ account and info.
+ Allow Admin generate Transaction Report for product / package purchase, cash wallet report, direct sponsor bonus report, leadership bonus report, breakaway bonus report, global bonus report, marketing bonus report.
+ Allow Admin check all bonus amount are correct before payout all bonus to all users (direct sponsor bonus, leadership bonus, breakaway bonus, marketing bonus, global bonus).
+ Allow Admin add Promotion payout extra pv or bonus during big days like Christmas / New Year Eve, allow set promotion start date, and end date.
+ Allow Admin edit the qualification of upgrading rank 1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars, 4-stars, 5-stars. Eg, 3-stars need 3 downlines of 2 stars. Admin may set it to 3-stars just need 1 downline of 2 stars.
+ Allow Master-Admin to add Sub-Admin (Username, email, password, role-task). Eg, sub-Admin A can only handle withdraw request. Sub-Admin B can only handle edit users’ account detail.
+ Allow Admin manage CMS like T&C content, Risk Disclosure, Agreement content. Header Content.
+ Allow Admin manage Announcement content appear on homepage of users.
+ Allow Admin manage Banner
+ Allow Admin manage Email Templates Content. Eg, when member register new acc, receive will welcome email and verification request email. When user purchase a new package, email confirmation content.
+ Allow admin set Site logo image and Site name.
+ Allow Admin Edit English to Chinese translation in cause found any wrong translation.